The Versatility of Custom Molded Urethane


Custom molded urethane has been, and still is, the most versatile solution to an ever-changing manufacturing world. It is a leader in vibration dampening, and high impact resiliency. In addition to scraping abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, as well as a host of others. Cast urethane also has the unique ability to mold into a seemingly infinite number of solutions. This is because of its liquid starting state.  his allows the polyurethane compound to fill the cavity of practically any mold; giving urethane parts the ability to take on unique shapes that other materials cannot.



Cast Urethane Parts Are Completely Customizable


Custom molded urethane parts have the unique ability to be tailored to specific applications. This can happen by adjusting formulations to alter hardness (durometer) as well as physical properties. Formulation of different ratios of prepolymer and curing agents is possible to produce varying durometers from 5A all the way up to 80D. Different prepolymers and different curing agents can also give the finished part specially formulated properties that are designed to work best for their specific applications.

For example, a TODI based prepolymer formulation might be used for a high-performance dynamic application that requires very good rebound characteristics (such as high load urethane rollers) whereas a more standard dynamic urethane such as a TDI/PTMEG polyether would work best for an application where the enhanced rebound is not needed (Quick Urethane Chemistry). This is especially useful for cost savings. In the case of the previously mentioned example, the cost for the higher performance TODI material would be approximately 5 times that of the TDI/PTMEG polyether.

There is no sense in paying more for parts if you don’t have to. As long as you know the desired physical properties you would like to obtain, chances are there is an existing urethane compound and formulation that will work for your application.


All in all, polyurethane tends to have the most versatility when compared with similar compounds such as rubber. Although rubber and other materials are essential for certain applications, polyurethane serves as the best, low-cost option when it comes to most parts. Furthermore, there is an incredible range of polyurethane compounds whose formulation can happen with general ease; allowing for standard urethane applications like polyurethane bumpers, all the way up to high-performance applications like roller coaster wheels.


Common Molded Urethane Applications:


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