Polyurethane Technical Data

Polyurethane Technical Data

Polyurethanes are some of the most versatile plastic materials to date. What makes polyurethane incredibly useful is its ability to be molded into a seemingly infinite number of shapes, sizes, and hardness ranges (durometers), allowing it to adapt to some of the most challenging applications. See our polyurethane technical data tables below.


Polyurethane holds the characteristics of both plastic and rubber, making it incredibly durable yet also resilient. The inherent characteristics of rubber and plastic combined in polyurethane allow it to hold up against repeated impact, abrasion, chemicals, and heat, making it the ideal polymer for demanding situations.

Common Durometers Tensile (psi) 100% Modulus (psi) 300% Modulus (psi) % Elongation at Break DieC Tear (D624) in pli Split Tear (D1938) in pli Compression Set Rebound % Operating Temp (Gen)
93-97A 7500 2200 5000 350 545 130 32 48 -80℉ to 200℉
90A 6480 1100 2100 450 455 110 30 48 -80℉ to 200℉
81-85A 5300 780 1400 580 270 60 28 60 -80℉ to 200℉
71-80A 2835 460 800 560 250 30 31 ND -80℉ to 200℉
65-70A 2500 360 555 600 215 25 23 ND -80℉ to 200℉

Uniflex Performance Series Polyurethane (Vulkollan® equivalent)

Uniflex offers an ultra-high-performance grade polyurethane series that outperforms Vulkollan® on almost every basis (see table below). Our Performance Series polyurethanes are capable of competing head on with Vulkollan® and often take its place due to their enhanced physical properties and economic price. Whether its roller coaster wheels, high load casters, or valve seats, Uniflex’s Performance Series polyurethane is guaranteed to perform. See the high performance polyurethane technical data tables below.

Hardness, Shore 93A 92A 93A 93A
Elongation, % 760 740 580 650
Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) 7400 (51.0) 7100 (53.1) 6100 (42.1) 5000 (34.4)
Split Tear, pli (kN/m) 490 (86) 310 (54) 400 (70) 440 (77)
Bayshore Rebound, % 68 62 68 57
Physical Properties Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Dynamic Properties Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
UV Resistance (Yellowing) Excellent Significantly Darkens Yellows Yellows
Storage Stability and Handling Excellent Limited Good Good
Processing Ease Excellent Short shelf life Fair Good
Post Cure Processing Standard Complex Standard Standard

Common Applications

  • High Load Wheels and Casters
  • Roller Coaster Wheels
  • Elevator Wheels
  • Valve Seats
  • Seals and O-rings
  • Plunger pump parts
  • Slurry and mud handling equipment
  • Equipment Liners
  • Scrapers
  • Doctor blades
  • Bumpers and shock absorbers
  • Vacuum grippers
  • Roller Covers
  • Elastic couplings
  • Forklift tires
  • Agricultural equipment parts
  • Gaskets and Stripper rings
  • In-line skate wheels
  • Skateboard and scooter wheels


Durometer is the measure of a materials hardness. Polyurethane is often measured on the Shore OO, A, and D scale where OO represents very soft to medium hard materials, A represents soft to very hard materials, and D represents medium hard to extra hard materials. There is overlap amongst the scales and is represented in the diagram below, which displays equivalency to the other scales and common products.

More Products

Incredibly useful due to its ability to be molded into a seemingly infinite number of shapes, sizes, and hardness ranges.

We offer high quality, custom rubber compression and transfer molding to produce high quality, economical rubber products that adhere to your specific requirements.

Incredibly useful due to its ability to be molded into a seemingly infinite number of shapes, sizes, and hardness ranges.

We are able to hold the most stringent tolerances that always meet or exceed customer expectations while ensuring an economical price.

We supply more styles and sizes of Kadant Unaflex brand Expansion Joints than any other distributor in the world and offer some of the most competitive pricing available.

Our product line includes molded & pultruded grating, handrail, ladders, structural shapes, stair treads, grating accessories, and FRP doors.

Custom manufactured from our famous non-conductive, ultra-durable UNIDURE© material, our electrical safety devices can be tailored for use in any lockout or tagging situation.

Our press fit cam follower sleeves are designed for ease of use and cost effective/efficient emplacement, while also maintaining exceptionally high quality.

The Uniflex Pipe Coupling has successfully solved frequent leakage, intensive maintenance, and stocking difficulties associated with ground join-pipe unions.