Urethane Sheet

Urethane Sheet

Urethane sheet products are some of the toughest material options for polymer sheets available on the market to date. With significantly longer life spans than traditional materials such as rubber, urethane sheeting has become an industry standard for high-wear applications, vibration dampening operations, die-cutting materials, and a host of other uses. Our cast urethane sheet is completely customizable and machinable.

Advantages of Polyurethane Sheets


Urethane is one of the most versatile polymers on the market and can be tailored to fit almost any application. Molds and formulations can be easily adjusted to create products of almost any size and hardness.

Increased Product Lifespans

Sheets made from urethane are guaranteed to last longer than traditional rubber sheets. Polyurethane does not degrade like rubber and has much higher tear resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal aging resistance, and impact resistance.

Custom Sizes

Sheet sizes can be adjusted on the fly. Moveable urethane sheet molds allow the length, width, and thickness to be adjusted without having to create new tooling. This saves the customer time and money when custom sizes are needed.

Custom Durometers

Most urethane sheeting can be produced in a wide range of durometers from 40A to 70D. Softer durometers are available for specialty applications.

Custom Formulations

Urethane can be tailored to fit end user specific requirements. Polyurethane sheets can be made using a host of different urethane compounds. Some examples include polyesters, PPG-TDI polyethers, PTMEG-TDI polyethers, FDA dry and wet food approved materials, MDIs, and high end Vulkollan equivalents.

Chemical Resistance

Urethane is known to have very good chemical resistance to grease, oils, hydrocarbons, and many solvents.

Increased Abrasion Resistance, Rebound, and Tear Strength

Polyurethane has far superior properties when compared to traditional materials like rubber. Sheet made from urethane is much more abrasion resistant, oil resistant, and tear resistant; plus it has better elastic memory and higher load-bearing capacity. This creates a product that is guaranteed to last longer and hold its shape over time without taking a set or degrading due to repeated scraping and impact.

Open Cast Urethane Sheeting

Open cast urethane sheets are the most cost-effective style of urethane sheeting available. They offer an incredible range of versatility and can be molded in practically any size, durometer, color, and formulation, including high end Vulkollan equivalents, FDA approved urethanes, polyesters, and polyethers (standard).

Uniflex Inc. is a urethane sheet manufacturer that has the capability of producing cast urethane sheeting in high and low volume production runs. We offer many standard sizes, colors, durometers, and formulations, allowing us the versatility that other urethane sheet manufacturers don’t have. Our smooth surface finish and overall product quality have become hard to match in the industry.

We offer custom formulations, sizes, and durometers upon request.

Standard Durometers (custom durometers available):

  • 50A
  • 60A
  • 70A
  • 80A
  • 90A

Standard Colors (custom colors available):

Red Green Light Blue White
Black Yellow Dark Green Brown
Blue Orange Grey Purple

Standard Sheet Sizes and Pricing (custom sizes available):

Our Urethane flat sheet stock is available in standard and custom sizes. There is no need to request a quote for polyurethane flat sheet stock in the standard formulation. We guarantee the polyurethane sheet price in the table below for any of the standard colors and durometers. There are no setup charges. Minimum order of $100 is required. Volume price breaks are available.

You can also ORDER ONLINE for speed and ease of purchase. Here, we have standard colors and durometers that do not require minimums and are readily available. Custom order urethane sheet is also available online where you can select your size, color, and durometer.

-We also offer any custom size between 50″ wide and 138″ long.


Standard Large Sheet Sizes:

Minimize Waste with Custom Urethane Sheets

Standard open cast urethane sheets can be molded in custom sizes without tooling charges. Our adjustable sheet molds allow us to produce polyurethane sheeting precisely to your required dimensions. This eliminates excess material usage and mold tooling and ultimately saves the customer money. Any choice of color, durometer, and formulation can be used, allowing complete versatility.

Size Capabilities

Any urethane sheet up to 50″ wide and 138″ long can be produced. Any sizes in between or up to these dimensions are accepted for production. Commonly ordered larger sheet sizes that come with discounted rates: 12″, 24″, 36″, or 48″ widths by 48″, 72″, 96″, 120″, or 138″ lengths.

Tolerances for Standard Urethane Sheet:

Thickness: +/- 0.030” for 1/8” to 3/8” and +/- 0.040” for 1/2” to 1”

Length and Width: + up to 1/2″ / – 0.000″


We offer custom precision cast urethane sheets for applications that require a tighter tolerance. Our urethane sheet stock is offered in a number of sizes similar to our open cast sheets as well as in the same durometers, colors, and formulations. Polyurethane sheet stock is available in a very broad hardness range.

Urethane sheets provide superior performance in applications where rubber and similar materials fail. The ability to cast precision rubber sheets without secondary processing makes them an inexpensive alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Precision Cast Sheets Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.007

*All precision urethane sheets come with standard width and length tolerances of + up to 0.300” and – 0.000”

Urethane Sheet Common Applications:

PU sheet (polyurethane sheet) is ideal for any industrial application where there is a tendency for high wear, impingement, sliding abrasion, impact, chemical contact, etc. Some common examples include:

  • Pads
  • Bumpers
  • Die cutting material
  • Metal forming
  • Liners
  • Cushions
  • Surface blasting applications
  • Vibration dampening
  • Energy absorption
  • Scrapers
  • Many others not listed

Common Urethane Sheet Names: Urethane plastic sheet, polyurethane rubber sheet, high density urethane sheet, pu sheet.

Have Any Questions About Urethane Sheet?

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