Polyurethane Pads

Polyurethane Pads

Polyurethane pads are used across a wide range of industries that need high resistance to wear caused by impact and abrasion. Urethane pads are generally used as replaceable liners that protect metal surfaces from damage when handling abrasive media. This can include aggregate handling equipment in the mining industry, grain handling equipment in the agriculture industry, and concrete handling/mixing equipment in the construction industry


Our polyurethane pads are lightweight and modular square sections. This design allows for cheaper shipping, easier handling, and much smoother emplacement. Most of our pads come in standard sizes and have fast lead times due to standardized production. Pricing is readily available below for standard sizes. We also offer custom molded urethane pads for customers that have specialty sizing requirements. All of our standard pads are hydrolytically stable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Common Uses for Urethane Pads by Industry

Metal Forming Industry

Forming pads, urethane pads for hydraulic press, metal stamping pads, impact pads, vibration dampening pads.

Agricultural Industry

Chute and hopper liners, belt wipers, conveyor skirting, truck bed liners, pipe liners.

Mining Industry

Aggregate handling, abrasive media handling, hopper liners, chute liners, shaker liners, skirting, belt wipers, conveyor wipers.

Construction Industry

Plate compactor pads, concrete mixer drum liners, mixer truck liners, charge hopper liners, mixing paddles, scrapers, concrete handling.

Food & Beverage Industry (FDA Approved Urethane Formula)

Tabletop covers, cutting boards, cutting surface liner, general liners, scraper blades, and skirting.

Polyurethane Advantages

Protects Metal Surfaces from Damage

Metal surfaces on equipment involved in abrasive material handling often need protection to prevent wear on expensive components. Unlike steel and aluminum, urethane is able to resist abrasive wear without marring or deforming. Urethane is also a very cost-effective preventative maintenance measure that protects metal components from costly damage.

Lightweight & Modular

Standard Urethane Pads are lightweight and have a modular design to allow for cost effective and fast replacement. Our modular urethane panels come in standard sizes of 12”x 12”, 24” x 24”, 36” x 36”, and 48” x 48”.

Cost Effectiveness

All urethane components are manufactured with fine-tuned repetitive processes that allow for efficient, low-cost production. Replacing urethane lining is often a fraction of the cost of replacing metal components on equipment.


Urethane is incredibly versatile and can be molded in any size, color, durometer, and formulation. This allows the product to be tailored to your specific application if needed. Urethane panels can be custom molded or cut down to size from standard pad stock.

Standard Polyurethane Pad Sizes & Pricing

Please reference the table below for standard pricing ($100 minimum required):

**NOTICE: Please contact us if you are looking to order in bulk. We offer significant discounts for volume orders.

Urethane Sheet : Pad Pricing


Standard Tolerance: +/- 0.030″ on thickness and + up to 0.250″ / – 0.00″ on length and width.

Standard Durometers & Colors

Our Standard Colors

Black Green Dark Green Grey
Red Orange Brown Purple
Blue Yellow White Light Blue


Standard Durometers Offered

  • 60A
  • 70A
  • 80A
  • 85A (most common)
  • 90A

Custom Urethane Pads

If the stock sizes listed above are not something you can use, we offer custom molded polyurethane pads. Any size between 1” to 50” wide and up to 138” long can be manufactured if needed. All of our custom pad orders have little to no setup charges and can be produced with short lead times.

Custom Urethane Formulas Available

Uniflex also offers custom formulations for user specific applications. We offer FDA wet and FDA dry urethane formulas, Vulkollan equivalent substitutes, high performance polyether’s, MDI’s, and polyesters. Please contact us if you have any specialty material requests.

Have Questions About Urethane Pads?

Feel free to give us a call or contact us directly through our website. We have an experienced staff that is more than willing to help you out with whatever project you are working on!