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Industrial Products

When your business requires industrial products, you need them to be resilient, affordable and able to boast scale potential. These products must be made of a material that will provide flexibility and adaptability. There is no better product material to meet these requirements than polyurethane.

Specialty products made of polyurethane feature unlimited potential to suit your unique specifications. Polyurethane can be easily molded to create all kinds of different products and components. It is incredibly durable as well, which enables your industrial parts to last longer in harsh conditions. This means lower sourcing, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Uniflex’s polyurethane products boast superior product performance and have been the leading industry standard since 1979. Look no further for customized items for your industrial systems. Reach out to us to request a quote for an order of polyurethane products made to your specifications.

Industrial Solutions Brought to You by Polyurethane Technology

Our custom-molded products ensure your components and mechanisms operate as they should, thanks to the power of polyurethane.

Every polyurethane product that we make boasts superior heat tolerance and abrasion resistance. The material resistance unique to polyurethane gives these products their trademark durability.

Polyurethane has a perfect balance of softness and rigidity, meaning the products minimize oscillations. Their vibration-dulling effects make them the perfect solutions for reducing wear and tear along components such as tubes, chutes, wheels, rollers, and more.

Long-Lasting Specialty Products that Minimize Maintenance Costs

Our polyurethane products do more than enable you to operate smoothly. They also give you greater savings as you replace your components and surfaces less frequently.

Polyurethane has a high heat and abrasion resistance that makes every product we mold long-lasting. Due to polyurethane’s ability to withstand harsh conditions for a long time, you’ll find necessary maintenance on these components less frequent and less expensive. In fact, you’ll be surprised how low your maintenance and replacement costs will drop!

Choose industrial products that provide value for your money. Contact us for a quote on our custom polyurethane products today.

Polyurethane MRO Supplies That Fix Surfaces and Components for the Long-Haul

Over time, all equipment at manufacturing plants, factories, and other operations need maintenance. With maintenance and repairs being an inevitable part of operation, you need durable MRO supplies that can not only fix your components, but also last a long time. If you need superior MRO supplies to get the job done, choose ones made of polyurethane.

Polyurethane MRO supplies have greater lasting power and offer resilience as they hold your components together. With polyurethane-based elastomers and replacement components, you can patch up any line or surface. By opting for polyurethane repair parts, you’ll be ensuring that your factory’s moving parts stay in operational shape.

Get Polyurethane Industrial Products Customized to Your Exact Specifications

Boasting superior moldability and durability, polyurethane is the solution for businesses looking for long-lasting industrial products. At Uniflex, we understand that you want more out of your products and know that polyurethane is the best solution.

We are proud of our ability to deliver quality and affordable custom-molded urethane products to fit every customer’s specifications. When you place an order with our customer support team, we’ll gather detailed information on exactly what you need. With attention and care, our staff incorporates it into your production specs. We will assist you in every way we can to make sure your orders are completed to your specifications in a timely manner.

We are your go-to partners for all things polyurethane. With many years of experience, we’ve satisfied thousands of clients with our expertly crafted polyurethane components. Going forward, we aim to serve more industries in Michigan and beyond.

Choose a company that provides polyurethane solutions that get the job done. Contact Uniflex for all your polyurethane needs.