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Polyurethane Products

Uniflex is a trusted source for high-quality cast polyurethane products for a wide range of applications. Over the years, we’ve perfected our polyurethane manufacturing processes to create durable, yet highly customizable components for various industries. Thanks to our proprietary polyurethane formulations, we’re able to fabricate products, parts, components, and other items that can endure even the harshest environments.

What Is Custom Polyurethane Tooling?

Polyurethane is any type of plastic polymer made using resinous and elastomeric compounds. Uniflex focuses on polyurethanes engineered for high stress use, which makes them ideal for industrial applications and other scenarios where durability and strength are required. Our products also have abrasion resistance, heat tolerance, and other characteristics that make them last under even the most demanding circumstances.

One other essential characteristic that makes polyurethane a versatile material is how it can be molded into any shape or configuration. The liquid resin is pumped into a pre-shaped mold cavity, allowed to harden, and then released from the mold.

Not only does this process allow for infinite customizability, but it also helps reduce production costs and turnaround time. Polyurethane allows Uniflex to make any quality product efficiently and less expensively than other materials.

Custom Polyurethane Tooling Applications

Uniflex’s manufacturing process can be used for a range of applications, from a small, simple job to a large-scale, complex project. Some of the industries where our products are often utilized include:

  • Food Processing: Polyurethane products don’t react to acids in food, making them a safe option for food processing.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Our rollers, wheels, line protectors, gaskets, and other components are ideal for various processes on a production floor.
  • Construction: Our pipes, metal bonding, and other items are excellent options for construction projects.

Available Custom Polyurethane Products

  • Custom Molded Polyurethane Solutions: Our molded polyurethane products can be cast to your specific preferences or requirements.
  • Urethane Sheets: The exceptional durability of our urethane sheets make them ideal for high-wear applications and vibration-dampening operations. Best of all, our sheets are customizable and machinable.
  • Urethane Bumpers: We have a complete line of urethane bumpers that come in various shapes, colors, and configurations. These products are designed for cost saving while maintaining high quality.
  • Urethane Snow Plow Blades: These snow blades have superior abrasive resistance, prolonging the life of the cutting edge while remaining safe for use on various surfaces.
  • Polyurethane Pads: Thanks to their abrasive-resistant properties, polyurethane pads serve as great cushions for metal surfaces. These features make the products ideal for industries like mining, agriculture, and shipping.
  • Polyurethane Rods: Our polyurethane rods come in an array of colors, hardnesses, diameters, and lengths. These products are also sturdy and resist deformation under normal conditions.
  • Polyurethane Strips: To save on urethane sheets, you can take advantage of our polyurethane strips. These products serve similar functions as the sheets, but they are more economical and less wasteful. You also won’t need to cut or measure the sizes.

Shop Our Cast Polyurethane Products

Uniflex is your established polyurethane products resource, and we’re ready to supply the parts you need for whatever application. Check out our selection and customize your order for the exact items you need!