Polyurethane Strips

Urethane Strips

Polyurethane strips are an incredibly versatile alternative to large urethane sheets. Often, customers are using urethane as a damage prevention measure in high wear applications where aggregate, grain, and minerals are being handled. These forms of media cause sliding abrasion and impact damage on metal surfaces and is often why sheet made of urethane is used to cover these surfaces. However, sheet urethane can often lead to leftover waste after the sheet is cut down to fit the mounting surface. Urethane rubber strips allow a cost-effective alternative to this scenario by being cast to, or close to, the size needed. This eliminates most or all waste that comes with sizing and cutting.

Common Uses for Pu Strips:

As Scraper Blades


Often, we see strips being used as polyurethane scraper blades. These can include conveyor belt wipers, snow plow blades, slurry seal wipers, squeegees, skirting for chutes and hoppers, etc.


As Replacement for Urethane Sheets


Urethane sheet can be replaced by urethane strips to eliminate drop cuts and waste if sizing.


As Directly Bonded Metal Protection


We can bond urethane strips directly to steel and aluminum bar or steel and aluminum plate. Any size or style can be manufactured. This style of strip is most commonly used for liners, bump stops, and impact panels to eliminate noise, vibration, and equipment damage caused by abrasive media and metal to metal contact.

Standard Durometers

Shore 40A to 90A

Shore 60-65D

Standard Colors

Red Green Light Blue White
Black Yellow Dark Green Brown
Blue Orange Grey Purple

Standard Size & Pricing Table (Non-metal backed strips)

Please note that significant price breaks are available for bulk orders. The pricing below is only retail pricing for small volume and will be reduced when you order more. Please contact us for larger order quantities.

Pricing Tables:

*NOTE: SIGNIFICANT VOLUME DISCOUNTS. This pricing is single piece retail pricing. If you plan on ordering more than (1) piece, please request a quote or contact us. There will be significant discounts depending on the volume and size of strip(s) ordered.

Urethane Strips Pricing 1Urethane Strips Pricing 2


Custom Cast Polyurethane Strips are also available upon request. Please contact us with your specifications for custom orders.

Standard Tolerances & Packaging

Tolerance Figures

Thickness: +/- 0.030”

Length: + Anything / – nothing

Width: + up to 0.125” / – nothing



1/8” to 5/8” thick strips will come as rolls of polyurethane

¾” to 1”+ will be flat strips

Have Any Questions About Polyurethane Strips?

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