Urethane Snow Plow Blades

Polyurethane Snow Plow Blades

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Urethane Plow Cutting Edge Info

  • 85-90A Polyurethane
  • Color: Black (special orders with custom colors available)
  • Manufacturer: Uniflex, Inc.
  • Holes not included. Designed to be easily drilled and custom fit to your plow’s bolt pattern (see installation instructions below).

Guide for Choice of Blade Thickness

0.5″ = Light work (ATVs, UTVs, small tractors)

1″ = Standard work (Larger tractors, ATVs, UTVs)

1.5″ = Commercial work (Trucks and commercial vehicles; good for constant, repeated use)

2″ = Heavy work (For large/heavy equipment, trucks, and/or excessive use)

Choosing the Right Snow Plow Wear Strips: The Urethane Advantage

  • Superior sliding abrasion resistance which leads to extended cutting edge life.
  • Provides an elastic buffer between the surface and the snowplow, helping prevent surface and blade damage.
  • Absorbs vibrations which can be noisy and uncomfortable to the operator and residents.
  • Installation is easy; all urethane snow plow cutting edges come as blanks that are easy to drill. This allows them to be fit to any snowplow.
  • Urethane strips are reversible so you can wear one side and then flip to the other for double the life.
  • Reduced downtime because of extended service life.
  • Versatile and customizable upon request. Any size and color can be made.
  • Cost effective

Safe On All Surfaces

Cutting edges made from urethane can be used on any surface including gravel, asphalt, concrete, manholes, curbs, speed bumps, parking lots with painted lines, patchwork, brick, walkways, etc.

Common Applications

  • Commercial plowing such as with airports, roadways, walkways, and parking lots. Used with larger commercial plowing equipment including trucks and large commercial vehicles.
  • Residential plowing such as driveways and sidewalks. Used with ATVs, UTVs, tractors, and trucks.

Installation Instructions

All of our snow plow blades are universal and can easily be installed on any bolt pattern. Please see mounting instructions below.

  1. Remove old cutting edge from snow plow.
  2. Lay the old blade on the new blade and trace the hole pattern onto the new blade using a marker. A general rule of thumb is to leave about the thickness of your blade sticking out below as the cutting edge. This is only a recommendation.
  3. Drill holes in the new blade with the traced bolt pattern.
  4. Attach the new blade to the plow with the old blade overtop to act as support (highly recommended). You can also use large washers as support instead.
  5. For extended use, when the blade wears, you can flip it 180 degrees and use the other side. You can also redrill the bolt pattern so that the wear strip moves downward.

Urethane Snow Plow Blades

Extended Useful Life

Urethane cutting edges for snow plows are an excellent high-performance, cost-effective replacement for traditional cutting edges such as metal and rubber snow plow cutting edges. Urethane rubber allows for extended lifespans of the poly cutting edge for snow plows which leads to fewer replacements and less downtime.

Prevent Surface Damage

A lot of plowing contracts require that surfaces be preserved which immediately eliminates the possibility of using steel cutting edges. Most steel edges will mar the surface that is being plowed. They can also damage any sealants or patchwork that may have been done on the pavement. In this case, urethane cutting edges can often be a necessary replacement that helps preserve the plowing surface.

Quiet and Operator Friendly

PU is also very effective at absorbing any vibrations that can create noise during the plowing process. Since a lot of plowing for residential and commercial properties is conducted before daybreak, noise abatement is often a key to keep from disturbing any residents. Furthermore, the vibration absorbing qualities of urethane make it so the operator feels significantly less vibration in the cab.

Elastic & Holds Shape

Additionally, urethane is flexible and has elastic memory that can help act as a shock absorber and surface preserver. Often, there are surface blemishes such as rocks, patchwork, and seals rising above the plowing surface that will get hit by the snow plow cutting edge. Rather than violently tear into the surface like a steel cutting edge, urethane cutting edges will move over the blemish without causing surface or plow damage.


Polyurethane acts as a seal on the plowing surface. When plowing, the elastic nature of urethane will allow in to conform to the surface. This creates a squeegee effect that wipes the surface much better than a steel cutting edge. Additionally, this elastic quality makes it excellent for plowing on gravel, reducing cab chatter and wear strip life.

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