Urethane Bumpers

Urethane Bumpers

We offer a complete stock line of stock urethane bumpers designed for cost savings without sacrificing quality. Our stock polyurethane bumpers already have pre-manufactured molds which allows the customer to save on the tooling expense that normally comes along with cast urethane molding. Our stock bumper line is complete with threaded, unthreaded, round, rectangular, and square style bumpers. We stock 80A urethane bumpers in red and black but offer a standard durometer range from 40A to 95A in any color upon request.

*Please reference our tables below for sizing and pricing information. Order quantities from 1-49 pieces will require a $100 manufacturing setup charge. 

The Same Reliability & Standard Sizes At Lower Prices

What sets our polyurethane bumpers apart from others is high quality with significant cost saving. Most other manufacturers use large, bottom molded inserts, however, our polyurethane bump stops utilize molded-in washers. This contributes to significant cost savings of 20% or more and prevents bolt pull through without tacking on unneeded costs. We have found that the older bottom molded insert style is overkill for most applications and have passed savings on to many customers by offering our molded-in washer style. Furthermore, this style of bumper allows the metal insert to be completely encapsulated by urethane. This ensures a better bond and prevents the metal insert from ever falling out. Please reference the style comparison example below:

Urethane Bumper Comparison

Why Choose Urethane Bumpers?

Thermoset urethane polymers are some of the most rugged and versatile polymers on the market. They hold incredible physical properties with processing ease that allows significant cost savings. Polyurethane bumpers are often seen replacing rubber bumpers due to their lower cost and higher performance. We often see double the life of a part made from urethane when compared to a traditional materials like rubber.

Rectangular Bumpers

Specifically designed with common bolt patterns and sizes. All of our rectangular bumpers are compatible with ¼” socket head cap screws.

Square Bumpers

All of our square bumpers have evenly spaced bolt patterns and are designed for use with ¼” socket head cap screws.

Round Washer-Reinforced Bumpers

Round urethane bumpers reinforced with a steel washer to eliminate pull through. Designed to be used with various cap screws as noted in the table below.

Female Thread Round Bumpers

Our female thread bumpers have a molded-in steel hex insert that comes in various thread styles as noted in the table below. This insert is undercut to ensure strong bonding. Capable of handling repeated high impact.

Have Any Questions About Urethane Bumpers?

Feel free to give us a call or contact us directly through our website. We have an experienced staff that is more than willing to help you out with whatever project you are working on!