Polyurethane Roller and Wheels


Uniflex has specialized in polyurethane roller manufacturing since 1979. Our urethane rollers significantly contribute to noise reduction and increase component life spans without compromising load ratings. Uniflex, Inc has established an expertise in custom cast urethane roller and wheel solutions, which has saved customers time and money with an exceptional product that is built to last. Our urethane rollers are completely customizable and can be manufactured in accordance with your specifications. We offer many different materials including high performance urethane resins that are equivalent to Vulkollan® as well as FDA approved polyurethane formulations. We also offer strip and re-coat roller services where old urethane rollers are striped and refurbished with a new polyurethane coating.


Here at Uniflex, we tailor our production process to your needs. Our PU rollers can be specifically designed for your application all the way down to the material. We offer a full range of liquid urethane resins that allow us to achieve various hardness’s and physical properties. All you have to do is tell us the application, dimensions, and load bearing needs and we will design an application specific product.


In order to keep tooling costs to a minimal, we have accumulated a large stock of DOM tubing that allows to cast urethane rollers to just about any common size. Our goal is to keep the polyurethane products we manufacture as economical as possible without sacrificing quality. In most instances, we do not have to order material to produce your polyurethane roller mold because it is already on the shelf. This helps customers save money as well as reduce lead time.


It is often that after production urethane rollers and wheels will need secondary machining operations to create a finished surface on the casting side. Anyone who has tried to machine polyurethane has come to find that it is not as easy as it looks, especially with softer durometers. Luckily, we have years of experience that have helped us create protocol that allow us to machine cast rollers with ease. Whether it be simply parting off the end or surface grinding the roller surface, we have the ability to hold some of the most strict tolerances and produce quality end use parts.

Polyurethane Rollers and Wheels

Our polyurethane coated rollers protect moving materials from costly transporting damage at very favorable pricing. We offer a wide range of cast urethane compounds that can be tailored to your specific polyurethane roller application. This allows us to create a product that is guaranteed to perform in any environment.  

Polyurethane Roller Types:

  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Skate Wheel Coverings
  • Sleeve Coverings
  • Idler Rollers
  • Drive Rollers
  • Cam Follower Rollers
  • Mailroom Rollers
  • Coated Bearings
  • Coated Shafts
  • V-rollers
  • Pulleys
  • Roller Coating, Recoating, and Repair
  • Custom

Polyurethane Rollers and Wheels

Our custom polyurethane rollers and wheels can be manufactured in accordance with your specific requirements, so send us your drawings or have our team of engineers work with you to design your solution!

Here at Uniflex, a rubber rollers manufacturer, we are able to design, machine, and manufacture under one roof, accelerating your project into production. Products can enter production in days!

We offer both high and low volume production runs!

Why polyurethane?

Polyurethane is:

  • Resilient
  • Durable
  • Cost Effective
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Impingement Resistant
  • Chemical and Oil resistant
  • Non-absorptive
  • Non-conductive
  • Vibration and Shock Dampening
  • Extremely Versatile

If you want to learn more about polyurethane rollers and wheels or would like to request a quote for a custom job, make sure to contact us! We have a staff of experienced engineers ready to answer your questions and help guide you from concept to solution.

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