Urethane seals are among the most versatile and durable components used in many industries today. These polymer-based seals are recognized for their outstanding resistance to hydrocarbon-based fluids, acids and chemicals, hydraulic fluids, water, and non-corrosive salts. In short, they provide reliable performance in some of the most demanding industrial applications.

Urethane (or polyurethane) seals are elastomeric materials used in hydraulic components, such as pump shaft seals, cylinder pistons, and rod seals. Manufacturers like Uniflex Inc. cast them into billets or molds to create precision seals for various applications.

If you doubt using polyurethane seals or need more inspiration, don’t worry! We have compiled the countless benefits of cast urethane seals and how to find the best one for your needs. Let’s discuss them in detail below!

Why Use Urethane Seals?

Used in everything from oil and gas production to aerospace and medicine, the need for cast polyurethane seals is ever-growing — thanks to their affordability, durability, and maximum sealing properties. Moreover, they are resistant to many environmental factors, offer excellent vibration resistance, and can be molded into various physical forms to meet clients’ stringent specifications.

Seals made of polyurethane are more durable than rubber while still maintaining similar elastic properties. With superior abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and rebound, polyurethane seals can effectively replace rubber in cases where the stresses and pressures are too demanding to handle. For example, in the automotive industry, polyurethane seals are fitted onto the face of a bearing to prevent oil leakage — even in extreme heat. They can also be used as gaskets for valves and oil pumps.

Superior to rubber, urethane possesses unrelenting resilience and flexibility. They’re high-pressure seals that can live up to a long service life through their chemical resistance and long-lasting strength.

Overall, cast urethane seals are an excellent option for businesses looking to prevent leakage, increase product longevity, and reduce costs related to maintenance. They’re also a good choice for businesses that need to protect their products from the elements. With urethane seals, you’ll never have to worry about corrosion or rusting again. In short, urethane seals are a high-value investment for your company, no matter the application.

Advantages of Using Polyurethane Seals

Besides durability and longevity, there are many reasons why you should utilize or switch to cast urethane seals. For more inspiration, take a look below!

Extremely Versatile

Urethane seals are extremely versatile. These seals can be used in various applications, from industrial to residential and commercial settings and processes. They are also critical components in the production of medical equipment, vehicles, machinery, and marine equipment. Seal manufacturers can produce varieties of tight tolerances and characteristics to suit almost any application.

Maximum Sealing Properties

If you’re looking for tight tolerance seals, products made of urethane can be the perfect option. Used in everything from automotive and aerospace industries to chemical processing, urethane seals boast minimal leakage, which makes them ideal for use in hydraulic systems. They can prevent leakage at high pressure while allowing enough room for expansion.

Hydraulic fluid under pressure easily overcomes inferior technology, especially when internal gaps and clearances aren’t tight. Urethane seals are designed to change shape under pressure, which allows them to form a tight seal without leakage. However, when the pressure relaxes, they return to their original shape.

Abrasion Resistant

Polyurethane seals are designed with tight tolerances to resist shearing and tearing, meaning they can withstand abrasion without losing their ability to function properly. They won’t break down or become less effective over time due to abrasion. Thus, they’re necessary for heavy-duty applications, where their ability to withstand high amounts of friction is crucial. They’re an ideal choice for any application that requires protection against abrasion due to their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

In addition, cast polyurethane seals are also easy to maintain, which makes them ideal for environments where there’s a high volume of foot traffic or other sources of dirt and grime.

Chemical Resistant

Urethane seals are one of the most chemically resistant materials available for use across multiple industries. They maintain stability even when exposed to oil, fuel, water, solvents, and other industrial chemicals.

Polyurethane seals are chemical resistant because they’re made of a synthetic material that can withstand chemicals and other substances. They don’t break down or corrode when exposed to acids and alkalis, and they even resist attack by many organic solvents. This makes them ideal for use in areas where chemicals are present, such as manufacturing plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants.


Known for their flexibility, polyurethane seals can be custom-molded to fit a variety of products and industrial processes. This means that you can get the exact fit you want for your product, whether it’s a small space or an unusually-shaped hole in your machinery.

The seals can be manufactured in various flexible and rigid shapes, with either smooth or textured surfaces. Custom urethane seals are also available in various hardnesses and thicknesses, depending on the application. No matter how complex your needs are, there are always polyurethane seals that will conform to your requirements!


While custom urethane seals are more expensive than traditional rubber or plastic seals, they can be cost-efficient when considering their durability and low maintenance. Simply put, polyurethane seals are more durable and less likely to fail than other types of industrial seals, which means they will last longer. If you want a product that doesn’t need consistent repair and replacement, using urethane seals could be cost-effective in the long run for your company.

Fast Turnaround Times

As a business, you want to bring your products to market as quickly as possible. Whether you need these seals for your products or on your machinery to maintain continued operation, urethane seals deliver a fast solution to minimize equipment downtime. Due to the automation of processes, they can be manufactured in bulk in as little as a day.

Suppliers like Uniflex Inc. use high-tech machinery and techniques for production, which allows them to produce precise, large quantities quickly. By having your needs met promptly, you can get your product marketed and sold in record time.

Withstand Extreme Conditions

Rubber and plastic seals can melt when exposed to high temperatures. However, that’s not the case for polyurethane shaft seals. They are designed to tolerate high temperatures and pressure, making them perfect for applications requiring extreme heat tolerances — like, for example, gaskets and seals for engines. Depending on their hardness (durometer rating), cast urethane products can tolerate heat up to 400℉.

In addition, custom polyurethane seals don’t break, even in cold climates. They can operate at high performance to temperatures as low as -80℉. In short, these seals have high resistance to cold cracking that rivals other seal materials.

Low Compression Set

One of the best benefits of urethane seals is their low compression set. Urethanes are known for this quality: they don’t lose their shape or size over time. This is because urethanes are resistant to changes in temperature and pressure, unlike other materials such as rubber or plastic. They’re ideal for applications where the seal must withstand a great deal of pressure, such as in hydraulic systems.

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Regardless of your industry, you can choose urethane seals to boost efficiency and reduce replacement costs. Whether you need it to seal engines, hydraulic fluid, or your bulk material transfer systems, polyurethane seals provide unique sealing characteristics suited to nearly every application.

At Uniflex Inc., we manufacture and supply gaskets and seals that are manufactured to tight tolerances and with high quality, such as pipe seals, urethane shaft seals, and urethane spray nozzles. We consistently produce world-class custom seals by working with the leading manufacturers of high-quality urethane materials.

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