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The performance and lifespan of your custom molded polyurethane parts depend on several factors, including tolerances, formulation, quality, and design. If any of these factors are not optimal, your component’s performance and quality will suffer as well. To make sure you get the highest quality custom molded polyurethane parts, you need to work with a reliable manufacturer who knows what they are doing:

What To Look For When Selecting A Custom Molded Polyurethane Manufacturer

Custom Formulations with Premium-Grade Raw Materials

Polyurethane can be customized in a variety of ways. You want to work with a manufacturer that can create custom formulations to meet your unique needs. That should especially be the case if you are using premium raw materials. You can use lower grade materials to keep the upfront costs low, but remember, they will cost you more in the end. Since they have lower physical properties, lower grade materials have a shorter life and are less resistant to abrasion.

Providing Assistance With Product Design

It’s possible that your design looks good on paper, but it’s not really feasible to make. Or, maybe there is a more cost-effective way to manufacture it that you are not aware is an option. The manufacturer you choose should be willing to provide the strategic guidance to ensure the most cost-effective way of creation with the longest lifespan of your custom molded polyurethane part. They should have a dedicated team that can:

  • Examine your product sketches.
  • Provide recommendations to increase the lifecycle of parts.
  • Understand your product’s environment and how it will work.

Capability To Handle Unique Tolerance Requirements 

With some products, there is little to no tolerance flexibility, while with others tight tolerances may not be a requirement. Make sure the manufacturer has small standard tolerances, so you:

  • Won’t incur upcharges in pricing.
  • Won’t need additional customization.

Also, keep in mind that some custom molded polyurethane products need tighter tolerances than the standard. Based on this, you may want to talk with the manufacturer to make sure they have the machining ability required to meet these tight tolerances.

In-House Mold Making

If the custom molded polyurethane manufacturer also offers in-house molding, they eliminate the need for you to use a third party. This will help you reduce costs while also obtaining faster turnaround times. In other words, in-house molding provides you the flexibility that is essential for faster fulfillment on future orders and timely delivery of your parts.

Choose a Dependable Manufacturer For Custom Molded Precision Polyurethane Products

High-quality materials and an experienced tech team are the two critical elements for the production of superior polyurethane products. Substandard service and products lead to substandard results, costing more over time and creating more work for you.

Since 1979, Uniflex Inc. has been a leader in custom molded polyurethane casting and molding for a wide range of industries. The creation of every product we make is precise, using only the best quality materials no matter how small or big the project is. We go the extra mile to make sure the end result matches the detailed specifications exactly.

If you have any questions about the different types of custom urethane products we make, please call us at 248-486-6000 or request a quote here.

Custom molded polyurethane parts are inarguably some of the most versatile solutions on the planet today. We can essentially mold polyurethane into anything, from car seats and furniture to skateboard wheels and urethane coated rollers.  

In other words, polyurethane is pretty much the ideal material for almost all parts needed for manufacturing and industrial purposes. It doesn’t wear nearly as fast as other materials and is resistant to:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Abrasion
  • Chemicals
  • Moisture
  • And a multitude of other environmental factors. 

The key is to procure your custom urethane parts from a trusted and reliable manufacturer so that you can get the product with the exact specifications and quality that you want.

Let’s get into more detail about this wonder of modern science and its many applications.

What Exactly Is Custom Molded Polyurethane?

Businesses all around the world use polyurethane parts in their operations. They use custom molded polyurethanes in one form or another every day – such urethane conveyor rollers in assembly plants, FDA compliant urethane seals in food and beverage operations, and urethane storage pads for metal coils . Since polyurethane starts as a liquid compound, it can be molded into almost any shape, making it the material of choice for a wide range of end-user applications like: 

  • Rollers
  • Bushings
  • Protective covers
  • Bumpers
  • Seals
  • Body blocks
  • Storage pads
  • Scraper blades
  • Wheels
  • Chute liners

Because polyurethanes have such excellent properties, they offer versatile solutions to the challenges of eco-design and longevity. The modern polyurethane industry is continuously looking for ways to reduce waste and boost product performance. This has led to innovative techniques to increase energy efficiency of manufacturing processes and improve product quality. The end result – custom molded polyurethane – is now better than ever and costs far less.

History of Custom Molded Polyurethane

When Professor Dr. Otto Bayer created polyurethane back in 1937, it was mainly used as a replacement for rubber during World War II. At the time, rubber was hard to obtain and super expensive, so polyurethane proved to be a surprisingly durable and resilient replacement material. Its was mostly used for coating during the war, specifically for resistant clothing and airplane finishing.

By the 1950s, many products contained custom molded polyurethane including:

  • Rigid foams
  • Elastomers
  • Adhesives
  • Flexible cushioning foams

Have you ever considered what makes your car’s seat padding so nice and cushion-y? That credit goes to polyurethane, and we have been using it to pad car seats and furniture since the late 1950s.

As time went on, many further developments happened and today, polyurethane makes up a big part of our everyday lives. With that said, while most consumers don’t even know about this incredible material, the truth is, the modern life will be hard to imagine without custom molded polyurethane. 

Looking for A Reputable Custom Molded Polyurethane Supplier? Contact Uniflex Inc.

Uniflex Inc. has been providing high-quality molded polyurethane and urethane products to manufacturers in the Midwest since 1979. Moreover, we can cast an endless variety of tailored molded polyurethane products and components to provide you high-quality solutions that will ultimately reduce your operation costs.

Let us save you time and money with our customized polymer solutions. If you have any questions or concerns about our product offerings, feel free to reach out to us! Call us today at 248-486-6000 or reach us online. Our experienced team members are ready to answer your questions.