When browsing the market for a rubber molding manufacturer, you need to consider several factors like you budget, the degree of customization you need, any industry standards you need to adhere to, and so on.

Then you need to think about the manufacturer – do they have a good reputation in the industry? How much experience do they have? Can they guarantee superior product quality? Do they offer a variety of rubber molding services that you can rely on for your future business operations?

At Uniflex Inc., we have 40+ years of experience in providing rubber molding services to industries like transportation, construction, aerospace, healthcare and medicine, automotive manufacturing, and more. If you’re looking for a trusted partner with a solid reputation and proven results to back it up, check out our wide range of rubber molding services.

Injection Rubber Molding

This process involves collecting raw rubber material (stock), which we then put it into a hopper that’s suspended over a conveyance belt. Then, the release of the stock follows together with processing via a channel whose equipment consists of a turning screw.

As the stock reaches the end of this channel, the complete melting of it happens due to a combination of the friction caused by the screw’s motion and the heating components inside the channel. A mold cavity lies at the end of the channel into which the injection of the liquid happens. Once the rubber cools and hardens inside the mold, its removal follows.

Compression Rubber Molding

This process involves pre-weighing, pre-measuring, and pre-heating the stock before inserting it into a pre-shaped mold cavity. Then, the closure of the mold follows in order to compress and squeeze the stock until it expands to take on the mold’s shape. Once the product cools and hardens, its removal is possible. The compression process is usually followed up by another process to remove the excess flash or material.

This is the cheapest way to manufacture large, intricate products.

Liquid Injection Rubber Molding

This process is pretty similar to the regular injection molding described above with one main difference: liquid stock is used as the raw material. The machinery used in the process also contains a metered pump as its equipment. It helps regulate and control the flow of the stock.

This pump releases the liquid, which is then mixed with some additives. Then we use a nozzle to inject the mixed stick into a shaped mold. The mold is closed tightly with clamps and an appropriate amount of pressure. Plus, the application of the heat follows in order to create the desired product.

With liquid injection rubber molding process, the creation of products is quicker since we don’t need to liquefy the stock first. Plus, the molded products require little to no finishing once complete.

Insert Rubber Molding

In this process, we form or mold rubber components around non-rubber inserts. Some of the most common insert products include surgical tubes and knife blades.

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