With the rapid economic expansion in recent years, the demand for construction materials has also been increasing each day, paving the way for new and superior quality materials in the market. Many of these innovative options like fiberglass are slowly replacing conventional materials like aluminum and steel. Gone are the days when steel grating used to be the preferred material in the construction industry; fiberglass grating is not only far more durable but it is more affordable as well.

Here are a few reasons why choosing fiberglass grating is a prudent choice for your business needs.

Fiberglass Grating Is More Impact-Resistant

When comparing fiberglass with steel or aluminum, at the first glance you may think that steel is surely stronger. But think again. Fiberglass graters are just as strong as steel ones because this material is specifically designed to possess exceptional resistance and strength. Plus, unlike other steel and other metals, fiberglass never corrodes. It is impact-resistant and immensely flexible.

Where dents and damages caused by shocks are easily visible on steel structures, fiberglass doesn’t have that problem because it’s coated with a specially formulated protective gel.

Fiberglass Grating Is More Durable

Fiberglass requires less maintenance and is way more resistant to the effects of the external environment – it can last for decades. Steel and aluminum graters are susceptible to corrosion and thus, need a coating with expensive galvanizing or anti-rust coatings. Fiberglass grating, on the other hand, is resistant to moisture, climate, and other external influences.

Cost-Effective Of Fiberglass Is Higher In The Long Run

A lot of construction industry manufacturers think that steel and aluminum gratings are cheaper in comparison to fiberglass grating. While that may be true at the outset and you may not need to pay at the beginning – you’ll have to pay for it later.

Steel is cheaper but due to its weight, its installation process is very expensive. You’ll also need to take into account additional costs like welders, supervisors and operators, special equipment, etc. The cost of maintenance later on also adds up. And let’s not forget that steel requires expensive anti-corrosion agents and coatings. None of these issues exist when you choose fiberglass grating.

Fiberglass Grating Is Safer

Unlike steel and aluminum, fiberglass grating is not an electrical conductor, making it far safer than the other two. This is an important feature, especially for the safety of workers who need to walk on the graters.

Additionally, fiberglass is a thermal insulator, i.e., it does not heat up like aluminum and steel. It’s not prone to slipping either.  If you work in the construction industry, we highly recommend fiberglass grating because it’s also non-flammable and is not subject to thermal factors.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why fiberglass grating makes a better choice than steel or aluminum ones. At first glance, your costs may seem higher but the variety of advantages and reduction in maintenance costs will soon change your mind.

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