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Custom injection molding has been a boon for businesses that need high-volume intricate parts while keeping the cost-per-unit low. Today, almost all mass-production processes around the world use plastic injection molding to create single part thousands – or even millions – of times in one cycle.

Obviously, the main advantage of custom injection molding is that it allows you to scale production as a whole. Once you deal with the initial costs, the price-per-unit during the manufacturing process becomes exceptionally low. If you decide to produce more parts, the price will drop even more.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Custom Injection Molding Company

Before you choose any material or make any key decisions, you need to understand how plastic molding works. This process utilizes plastic resins or polymers that are heated, melted, and injected under high pressure to create a mold tailored to your specifications.

To ensure the mold can withstand high temperatures and intense pressure, it usually consists of solid steel or aluminum. Once you inject the melted resin into the mold, it cools and solidifies in the shape of your finished product, and then finally ejected from the mold.

When you are looking for a custom injection molding company to manufacture your products, you want to be sure that they can adhere to your specific proportions or measurements. To put it simply, the company must be able to produce exactly what you want, the way you want it.

If you want a specific logo, design, size, color, or packaging, your custom injection molding manufacturer must be able to provide it all for you, with a reasonable fee. For best and most cost-effective results, they must be able to do the prototyping, molding, tooling, stamping, and welding on the molded plastic under one roof.

Here are a few factors you need to look out for when hiring a manufacturing partner:

They Should Be Focused On Cost-Effectiveness & Efficiency

How long have they’ve been in the industry? Do they have experience producing products similar to yours? Who were their previous clients? In addition, to be able to comply with all your specifications, they must be well established in providing the best customer service possible – and this can only happen if they own state-of-the-art equipment to work in a reliable and fast manner.

Look at their finished products: are they smooth, with no requirement for further finishing? Or do they have unwanted, sharp edges?

Equipped With Adequate Climate Control Systems

The climate of the manufacturing facility plays a critical role in the overall production. Make sure the company’s factory has an efficient cooling (or heating) system in place for their molds.

Dedicated, Customer-Centric Management Team

Does the company have a system in place to deliver finished products on time? It doesn’t matter how complicated your needs are, your custom injection molding partner must be able to make the delivery.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Custom Injection Molding Needs

The market is full of plastic injection molding manufacturers but only a handful have the capabilities to meet your specifications and help you save money and time during production. At Uniflex Inc., we proudly stand behind our promise of helping you optimize your production process with quality work. Call us at 248-486-6000 or fill out this form to have a chat with us today!