Are you confused about the industry jargon when dealing with cast urethane products? Well, here is a comprehensive glossary of commonly used cast urethane terms that will help you make judicious decisions.


Wear and tear caused by friction

Abrasion Test

A test that calculates the rate of wearing away by friction (a machine called an Abrasion Tester performs this test)

Accelerated Life Test

A technique designed to estimate in a short time the failing/weakening effects produced under normal service conditions.

Accelerated Aging

To obtain an early change in the physical properties of urethane or polyurethane, intensive exposure to operating conditions is used.


A material (like a flame retardant or filler) is included to change the final product, but it doesn’t affect the chemical reaction.

After Cure

A prolongation of the stabilization process after the “cure” has been performed to the desired degree for a certain duration. 

Banbury Mixer

An internal mixer used to incorporate ingredients like fillers in plastic or polyurethane operations.


A change in the appearance or discoloration of the surface of a polyurethane product caused by the migration of a solid or liquid to the surface.

Breaking Strength

The tensile at which polyurethane is at when it ruptures.


The process of pouring open molds with uncured/liquid polyurethane.

Chute Lining

Elastomeric (polyurethane) lining in a chute that is highly resistant to abrasion and its usage is to protect the metal chute from abrasion wear and tear.


The process that marks the completion of a chemical reaction.  

Curing Agent

An additive used to increase chemical activity between different components, leading to a decrease or increase in the speed of cure.

Cycle Time

The duration of time needed to finish a molding cycle which includes:

  • Preparing the mold
  • Insert loading
  • Releasing an agent application
  • Combination of components
  • Curing
  • De-molding.

Durometer Gauge 

A tool used to measure the hardness of polyurethane. Moreover, a Durometer measures the resistance to the penetration of an indenter point into the rubber’s surface.


Measure of a materials hardness. Learn more.


A rubber-like elastic material such as synthetic rubber or polyurethane.


A material mixed with a polymer; its function is to reduce the cost or improve the quality of a compound.

Flame Retardant

An additive or a substance that can be an addition to a polymer formulation to lower its tendency to burn.

Injection Molding 

A method frequently used in the high-volume manufacturing of polyurethane products.


A mixture of two or more compounds to achieve better processing or more thorough dispersion. Moreover, this later becomes part of the final compound in a succeeding mixing process.

Oxygen Bomb

A chamber that can hold oxygen at elevated pressure. This can be heated to an equally elevated temperature to be used for accelerated aging tests.


Measurement of resistance to shear of an uncured/liquid elastomer like urethane.


This is a macromolecular substance formed by chemically combining monomers that have the same or different chemical composition.


A material produced via the process of chemical synthesis.

Tensile Strength

The maximum stress or force applied to a material at rupture


It refers to the flow property of a substance, the lower the viscosity number, the thinner the liquid.

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