Urethane Wheel

Urethane Wheels

Are you familiar with roller skate wheels, skateboard wheels, or casters? If you are, you already know a little about custom urethane wheels! Urethane, poly wheels, or polyurethane wheels are a type of wheel made out of a synthetic rubber. They are often used in place of traditional wheels because they offer high rebound and more durability. Most importantly, cast urethane wheels can be customized to specific applications with relatively low cost, allowing tailored formulations and dimensions.

What Are Urethane Wheels?

As mentioned, a synthetic rubber material is used in creating a urethane wheel. This synthetic rubber or urethane prepolymer is mixed with a few other ingredients and then bonded to metal insert to create solid wheel that can be used for various purposes. Common applications of this material include urethane casters, drive wheels, and forklift tires. The great thing about urethane is that it’s low maintenance compared to rubber wheels and metal wheels and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings without worry. It also provides better shock absorption and noise reduction as the polyurethane absorbs vibrations better than other materials.

The Benefits of Urethane Wheels


High Abrasion Resistance

Compared to steel wheels and rubber wheels which are highly susceptible to damage and wear, urethane wheels can resist abrasion up to multiple times better. Its tear resistance, cut resistance, and heat resistance help to give it a longer lifespan in demanding conditions.

Resistance Acid and Harsh Chemicals

In industrial applications, where floor protection from chemicals and acids is necessary, urethane wheels are the ideal choice. Urethane can withstand prolonged exposure to these materials without damage or degradation.

Can Be Made in Different Colors

For many industries that require color coding as part of their safety protocol, urethane wheels are a good option as they can be made in just about any color.


Aside from its aesthetic appeal, one of the main reasons urethane wheels are chosen over other types is their durability. This translates to better load capacity. From carts that carry constant heavy loads to those used intermittently, urethane wheels can take the abuse and keep on going.

Resistant to Both Hot and Cold Temperatures

A polyurethane wheel can be used in extreme hot and cold temperatures and harsh environments without damage. They can also withstand rapid changes in temperature without cracking or deforming. Also, they can be manufactured featuring different hardness. They can come with a soft sponge feature, an iron-hard feature, or anything in between to suit the application better.


Compared to cast iron wheels and other types of wheels that can leave marks on the floor, urethane wheels are non-marking. They are often used in sensitive environments such as healthcare facilities and food service establishments where cleanliness is paramount.

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Custom Urethane Wheels

All of our polyurethane wheels can be molded to your exact requirements. We have an in-house CNC machine shop designated to mold making. This creates fast lead times and low cost tooling. We also offer a wide range of formulas that can be tailored to your specific wheel load and environment of operation.

Polyurethane Wheel Types:

  • Urethane Drive Wheels
  • Urethane Idler Wheels
  • Urethane Stacker Wheels
  • Urethane Covered Bearings
  • Urethane Concave Radius Wheels
  • Urethane Skate Wheels
  • Urethane Forklift Wheels
  • Urethane Cart Wheels
  • Urethane Elevator Wheels
  • Urethane Casters

If you want to learn more about polyurethane rollers and wheels or would like to request a quote for a custom job, make sure to contact us! We have a staff of experienced engineers ready to answer your questions and help guide you from concept to solution.

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