Urethane Rings

If your application calls for material with exceptional physical durability, Urethane rings are the perfect solution. The polymer known as polyurethane (PUR and PU) is made up of organic molecules connected by carbamate (urethane) linkage. Polyurethane rubber’s high strength and superior tear and abrasion resistance make it a reliable material. Additionally, polyurethane offers excellent permeation resistance. In comparison to plastic, urethane is superior and offers several advantages.

What Are Polyurethane O Rings?

Polyurethane O rings, also known as Urethane O rings, are designed and produced to resist wear and abrasion. Polyurethane rings are designed for sealing impact strength and drive belt applications. However, polyurethane can be formulated in various ways as a thermoplastic elastomer to meet your manufacturing and application needs.

Features of Urethane Rings include:

  • Good resistance to chemicals, hydraulic oil, and gasoline.
  • Pure aliphatic hydrocarbons that won’t harm you (Propane, butane, fuel).
  • Ability to resist mineral and silicone oils and greases.
  • Water, oxygen, ozone, and aging resistance.
  • Outstanding tearing and abrasion resistance.
  • Availability in various types and compounds to meet performance and cost requirements.
  • Elasticity and strength retainment over the complete range of hardness.

Key Benefits of Polyurethane Rings

Hardness and Flexibility

Hardness is one of the many advantageous characteristics of polyurethane that sets it apart from other materials. However, polyurethanes have a flexibility feature that allows them to return to their original form and shape after being molded. This material has excellent strength and can withstand heavy loads. Even at high durometers, polyurethane rings can be stretched and return to their original size.


The most important factor for polyurethane is durability. It provides a wide range of motion and strength to withstand breaking. It is a solid material that resists tearing and abrasion, which many manufacturing companies face.


Polyurethanes have produced excellent results, in contrast to other materials with insulation issues. Polyurethanes offer distinct material handling options and excel with strength in various conditions, including humidity, electricity, temperature differences, etc.

Cost Effective

Compared to the cost of making plastic, a polyurethane O ring is less expensive; they are made from organic materials, mostly recyclables, and have fewer additives to enhance wear properties or abrasion resistance. Polyurethanes are more radiation resistant and offer more cost-effective solutions than plastic.

Your Ultimate Urethane Rings Provider

Given how crucial and advantageous it is to use urethane O rings, it’s critical to have a trustworthy supplier who can handle all your manufacturing requirements. Uniflex Inc. is a top supplier of rubber and plastic distributions and custom-molded urethane products. We can design, machine, and manufacture everything under one roof; we keep costs down and minimize lead times!

Since 1979, our business has specialized in producing custom-molded urethane and rubber parts and has served as a reliable supplier to the oil, gas, mining, aerospace, automotive, robotics, and military industries. Our company strives for customer satisfaction by providing high-quality, reasonably priced custom molded parts that are relied upon by industries worldwide.

Uniflex Custom Molded Urethane Rings

With our 50 years of combined experience, we have developed urethane rings with greater load-carrying capacity, a better compression set, and superior resistance to greases, oils, oxygen, and ozone. We have complete tooling sets on hand for various standard sizes, allowing us to grind our rings to exact tolerances. Our urethane can be stretched to great lengths and still return to its original dimensions, even at high durometers.

At Uniflex, we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible customer service, which includes helping you choose the material that will satisfy your application’s needs. Along with low- and high-volume production orders, rapid prototyping, and specialty materials, we also provide these services to meet your business’s needs.

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