Urethane Gaskets

As the leading B2B solution for customized polyurethane products, Uniflex has broadened our offerings to other polyurethane-based products. Among these cutting-edge products are our polyurethane gaskets.

We are at the forefront of custom gasket manufacturing in the Midwest. Our polyurethane gaskets consist of quality urethane materials guaranteed to last for the long haul. With the added benefit of customization, you can dictate your polyurethane gaskets’ specs, from their size to their thickness tolerance.

We are your one-stop shop for high-performance polyurethane gaskets. Reach out now for polyurethane gaskets with competitive pricing and quality in Michigan.

Urethane Gaskets with Excellent Abrasion, Tear, and Solvent Resistance

Rubber has long been a mainstay in various manufacturing components. However, despite its resilience, the rubber wears as time passes. Over time, the material sustains accumulated damage from pressure, abrasion, tear, and solvent buildup. Rubber’s lack of abrasion resistance should concern you, especially if you want more out of your manufacturing component’s gasket material.

Our urethane gaskets consist of highly resilient elastomeric materials capable of lasting through harsh environmental factors. The gasket material we use is abrasion-resistant and holds up against tearing, guaranteeing good aging and excellent abrasion resistance.

Our gasket material is also of a polyester or polyether material. As a result, our gaskets’ urethane compounds can resist corrosion from many chemicals, including:

  • Chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons
  • Moderate chemicals
  • Ozone
  • Several concentrated acids

Vibration-damping Urethane Gaskets That Add Years to Your Equipment

Constructed with quality urethane materials, our gaskets reduce oscillations that can occur between your components’ mating surfaces. The vibration-damping qualities of our urethane gaskets not only lead to less noise but also provide long-term protection for your machine mounts, wear pads, and electrical equipment.

Custom-cut Urethane Gaskets Tailored to Your Specifications

At Uniflex, we understand that your business has unique needs. For this reason, we never offer cookie-cutter rubber and polyurethane components. We work with you to develop crucial components like polyurethane gaskets tailored to fit your specific needs.

We cut gaskets to the specs you provide. We dial in everything, from your pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to heavy load capacities. Our precision cutting also ensures that each gasket meets the custom thicknesses you provide.

We are your custom gasket solution in the Midwest. Reach out now for a free quote on our urethane gaskets and other quality polyurethane products.

Urethane Gaskets That Resist Harsh Environmental Factors

Besides providing excellent abrasion resistance and solvent resistance, our urethane gaskets boast resilience to many environments. Unlike rubber with poor high-temperature properties, our polyurethane gaskets can withstand temperatures ranging from 80 to 200 F.

Urethane Gaskets That Accommodate Heavy Loads

Made from long-term materials, our urethane gaskets will endure environments that not many pressure-sensitive materials can. Our urethane gaskets also hold up well in high-load environments due to the innate compression strength of polyurethane.

With the compression-bearing properties of our polyurethane gaskets, your in-house capabilities will improve as you grow in your industrial capacity in Michigan.

Why We Use Polyurethane as a Gasket Material

Gaskets envelop the mating surfaces of connection points. Due to these surfaces’ harsh environmental conditions and temperature ranges, rubber gaskets will not last long. Metallic gaskets may last longer but will turn brittle over time due to the wear and tear created by heat, solvents, and compression.

Recognizing the shortcomings of rubber and other gasket materials, we turned to polyurethane. Urethane gasket material trumps its non-polyurethane counterparts in the following ways.

Solvent Resistance

Polyurethane holds up well against various chemicals. As a polyethylene update, polyurethane is an ether material that does not corrode even after prolonged chemical exposure.

Made from quality urethane gasket material, our gaskets are capable of withstanding chemicals like chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons and other concentrated acids.

Good Aging and Excellent Abrasion Resistance

The resilience of polyurethane gives our gaskets a layer of protection against friction. As a result, our gaskets boast good aging and excellent abrasion resistance, so they’re guaranteed to require minimal, infrequent changes and replacements.

Easy Moldability for Custom Thicknesses

When we provide custom thicknesses, we need a material that doesn’t require a mold release. This can make the gasket-making process longer and more expensive, so we choose urethane instead.

Urethane may be nothing like rubber. However, it shares the moldable qualities of rubber, amplifying its applicability to various industrial use cases.

Polyurethane doesn’t just provide superior tear and solvent resistance. It also has the moldability of rubber paired with the density of a polyethylene apdate. The material’s moldability allows us to offer custom-cut gaskets at an affordable price.

Reach Out for Affordable Custom-Cut Gaskets With Tear, Abrasion, and Solvent Resistance

When you need high-performance gaskets, choose polyurethane gaskets. When you think of polyurethane gaskets, think “Uniflex.”

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