Urethane Engine Mounts

Urethane Engine Mounts

Limit dangerous vibration and flexing of an engine, machinery, and parts with custom motor mounts. Carefully custom manufactured to withstand harsh environments, urethane or polyurethane motor mounts will resist wear and tear over the life of your equipment. In other words, longer service cycle times lead to less downtime, less maintenance, and less cost to you!

The best alternative for rubber motor mounts, urethane motor mounts, are pieces of molded urethane that chain an engine in its operating position, preventing the transfer of noise, vibration, and movement from one part to another. They’re made of durable urethane material with an engineering-grade surface that gives you the performance you need while keeping them quiet.

Urethane Mounts for a Wide Range of Applications

Depending on your industry, your company can order small or large batches of the following products:

  • Automotive or transmission mounts: Specifically employed for automotive engine stability.
  • Marine motor mounts: Designed for marine vehicle engines to resist corrosion in harsh saltwater environments.
  • Universal motor mounts: Delivers the durability and precision of traditional mounts in a simple, single-piece design.
  • Polyurethane exhaust hangers: A better alternative for stock rubber mounts.
  • Polyurethane transfer mounts: Used in various industries and sectors to protect expensive devices by reducing their vibrations and bending.
  • Poly motor mounts: Better choice for use in industrial applications.

Why Use Them Over Rubber or Solid Metal Racing Mounts?

Urethane mounts are often overlooked, but they’re critical to the long-term stability of equipment or car engines. They have the ability to:

  • Dampen motor vibrations.
  • Absorb airborne noise and other structures.
  • Protect machinery from unnecessary stress (e.g., live loads).
  • Prevent rusting and corrosion.
  • Keep the mechanical parts cool.
  • Increase the lifespan of machines, and much more.

Don’t just take our word for it; here are more reasons why urethane engine mounts are favored over rubber and metal solid-racing mounts.

Excellent Resistance to Vibration

Urethane motor mounts deliver excellent vibration resistance, keeping your engine solid and sturdy for years. Plus, they’re resistant to all automotive chemicals — such as oil, grease, acids, coolants, and road debris.

With excellent abrasion resistance, urethane mounts are a perfect option for various automotive and mechanical applications.

More Durable Body Mounts for a Better Performance

Considering whether an engine mount strikes a good balance of energy absorption and motion can help prevent wear and tear of engines. As such, it is finding a quality material that provides both stability and cushioning is necessary.

Balanced and long-lasting urethane will provide all of this as it absorbs vibration and noise for any type of vehicle, such as the Chevrolet model Camaro and Ford model Mustang.

High Heat Compatibility

Unlike rubber, which cracks and degrades when exposed to heat, urethane can withstand the extreme temperatures of engines. They have a higher melting point, meaning they can withstand more heat without melting. These mounts also help prevent excess fluid leakage or blow-by during combustion.

Trust UNIFLEX for Longevity & Superior Performance

UNIFLEX manufactures replacement urethane mounts that are designed to eliminate rubber factory mounts that degrade over time and cause vibration. Our polyurethane mounts are manufactured and tested to the strictest specifications resulting in a product that meets or exceeds OEM durability and performance standards.

In addition, our professionals can customize a variety of urethane mounts to meet the specific needs of your application. Talk with us today to discuss your options!

If you want to learn more about Urethane Engine Mounts or would like to request a quote for a custom job, be sure to contact us! We have a staff of experienced engineers ready to answer your questions and help guide you from concept to solution.

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