Urethane Coil Springs

Precision urethane springs are finely manufactured coils from suspension-grade, extruded urethane plastic that allows for smooth, consistent movement in various applications. The purpose of urethane springs is to protect the mechanisms they support. When applied, a spring delivers the ultimate experience in comfort, durability, and practical use, making them an excellent alternative to other types of springs. Urethane springs are among our most popular products — and for a good reason. They’re highly versatile and built to last thousands of cycles.

For over 40 years, Uniflex has provided private-label solutions for customized polyurethane products. For superior performance, we have everything you need, from our polyurethane gaskets to springs and tubing. With our decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction.

For quality urethane coils, reach us through our contact page or call us at 248-486-6000. Once we have your order, our company strives to provide quality, reliable, and timely shipping and delivery at the best price possible!

Urethane Coil Springs: The Best Alternative to Steel & Rubber Springs

In most situations, a urethane spring is a cost-effective alternative to conventional steel and rubber components. Utilized in various industries, these are unique because of their corrosion resistance, vibration absorption, and magnetic levitation capabilities. They offer consistent performance, durability, and safety in harsh environments. At their core, these types of springs excel where steel and rubber components fail!

High-performance Solution for High-Wear Applications

Over the years, the coil spring from Uniflex has gained popularity, especially for vehicle setups that focus on reducing weight and increasing speed and handling while maintaining control. This growing popularity is due to the material’s characteristics, including shock absorption, fluid resistance, and abrasion resistance. Our solid coil spring is designed to be firm and efficient. They’re made to last longer with less downtime and minimal maintenance. Indeed, they work their magic to enhance speed and handling or reduce noise.

Springs With Polyurethane Isolators

Besides quality and performance, we also integrate isolators into our coil spring. An isolator is a rubber seat or cushion attached to the top or bottom of the spring. Their essential function is eliminating the beating a spring gives off, delivering the maximum ride quality.

Furthermore, coil spring isolators protect your spring from dust, dirt, and other substances, keeping your suspension more responsive and feeling tight for longer. Whether you use it on a car’s rear end, front end, or front suspension, they allow for a more stable ride over bumps and rougher surfaces.

Custom-Made Coil Spring for Your Specific Needs

The team at Uniflex understands that no two businesses are the same. For this reason, we never offer cookie-cutter solutions regarding our polyurethane products. We work with you to create a perfectly engineered set of springs that fits your specific needs and styles.

Our designers and technicians work to maintain world-class standards. We design using the latest CAD software, allowing us to produce a custom spring using the most advanced materials and processes. Using our innovative cutting technique, we have developed a process that ensures the right size and thickness of coil springs. We make each spring to your exact specifications.

The Power of Urethane Spring

In its simplest form, a spring is a mechanical device that utilizes the elasticity of its material to store mechanical energy. Once stretched or compressed, it exerts an opposing force proportional to its change in length. Springs come in many forms and are used in many applications, serving more than one purpose. They’re a crucial part of the automotive, agriculture and medical equipment, military, and machinery industries.

Exceptionally resilient and reliable, many industries use a spring for these functions:

  • Store energy for a functioning cycle
  • Counterbalance a weight and force
  • Reduce the dampening felt in suspensions
  • Return parts to their original position after displacement
  • Absorb shock or impact, preserving the life of machines
  • Allow free movement of interconnected parts while keeping them intact

Lifetime Benefits of Urethane Springs

It’s no doubt that molded springs offer the best of both worlds: resilience and control. While most manufacturers sell standard coil springs, Uniflex has manufactured a unique design that allows us to build an individualized spring per vehicle or equipment requirements.

Purchasing our custom urethane spring means you’ll enjoy the following benefits for years to come:

  • Non-magnetic
  • Superior load capacities
  • Perfect shock absorber
  • Durable but inexpensive
  • Abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistant
  • Security against damage or galling
  • Stay in place and easy to change
  • Superb elasticity for consistent performance.

Your Trusted Source for Quality Coil Spring

As the trusted manufacturer of custom urethane products in the country, we consistently receive positive feedback from our loyal clients. If you require world-class quality springs, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or call our phone number — 248-486-6000.

If you want to learn more about Urethane Coil Springs or would like to request a quote for a custom job, be sure to contact us! We have a staff of experienced engineers ready to answer your questions and help guide you from concept to solution.