Urethane Casters

Urethane Casters

Are you in the market for urethane casters or polyurethane wheels? The urethane wheels are an integral component of most wheeled industrial equipment, providing a grip on the floor and allowing the wheel to roll smoothly. They’re a new generation of casters made from sustainable polyurethane (PU) materials that offer a smooth and effortless rolling experience.

Carefully crafted from advanced materials, our custom-made polyurethane wheels provide the best wheel grip and wear while maintaining their stability and durability. They can be used with precision ball bearings for smooth movement even under heavy loads.

Our top engineers come come up with custom caster solutions for your operation. We operate off your designs in a streamlined custom molding process. Let us work our magic in your warehouse or business today!

Urethane Wheels: The Perfect Choice for Excellent Rollability

Polyurethanes are superior to both plastics and rubber. Their flexibility is responsible for the strength and exceptional endurance of polyurethane wheels. They’re outstanding in their ability to withstand more load capacity and resist impacts, making them the ultimate option for your caster needs.

The use of urethane in casters has many benefits. The following are the top five reasons why urethane-made wheels are an excellent choice.

1. Abrasion Resistant

Urethane wheels are the best in high-wear applications, regardless of temperature extremes. For years, they’ve been the preferred material in abrasive environments like mining, agriculture, and industrial equipment. No other material has better abrasion resistance ratings than urethane. Typical urethane wheels have an expected service life of more than 10 times longer than standard rubber or plastic wheels.

2. Heat & Cold Resistant

Unlike rubber or plastic that melts or cracks, the wheel can withstand extreme temperatures as low as -60°C and as high as 100°C. Besides extreme temperatures, they are also resilient to harsh chemicals, grease, oil, and corrosion.

3. Good Floor Protection

Our unique grinding and polishing process produces a non-marking finish that offers excellent protection on floors. They roll smoothly while getting the job done right. That means you can move heavy loads with less hassle and get around quicker without worrying about damaging your floors. Plus, they’re 100% washable.

4. Load Bearing Capacity

Using polyurethane casters isn’t just a cost-effective way to get big loads moving. They also hold more weight and dampen out vibration better than other types of wheels. Ideal for heavy loads and high-stress applications, they offer a wide range of load-bearing capacities, durability, and tread patterns. A precision ball bearing provides for good rollability, may it be on concrete or tile floors.

5. Guaranteed Durability

When it comes to wheels, you’ll appreciate the exceptional quality of these solid poly casters. You can trust their reliability and efficiency for virtually all industrial needs. Each wheel is securely bonded chemically to its metal or polyolefin core to prevent separation. Also, it possesses a shock-absorbing material that won’t crack or fracture easily.

Let UNIFLEX Deliver Your Caster Needs

A one-stop shop for urethane parts and components, UNIFLEX is proud to provide the highest quality products to our customers. Our responsive and consultative approach provides our customers with the best solutions for their business. Contact us today for quotations or product inquiries.

If you want to learn more about Urethane Casters or would like to request a quote for a custom job, be sure to contact us! We have a staff of experienced engineers ready to answer your questions and help guide you from concept to solution.

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