Chute Liners

Chute Liners

Your plant’s conveyor system is an integral part of your manufacturing operations. Under normal conditions, certain system parts — such as the receiving conveyor — sustain a lot of wear and tear. As you scale up your operations, you’ll be placing even greater demands on your conveyor system, subjecting it to excessive wear and tear.

To add years to your plant’s conveyor system, you must find the right wear solutions. We have these in store for you; one of the best is our polyurethane chute liners.

Made Specifically For Your Needs!

Prolonged Wear Life

Excessive wear and tear will lead to abrasion damage. As a result, your conveyor belts, transfer points, and equipment will need replacements after long-term use.

The cost of replacing damaged or worn-out components to your chutes and equipment will add up quickly. However, you can add years to your chute and conveyor system’s life with the right liner.

Our polyurethane chute liners eliminate excessive friction and impact on your chutes. As a result, your chutes and equipment receive protection, lasting longer as you scale up your operations.

Eliminated Material Buildup

The material buildup is a normal byproduct of any industrial process. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t minimize or eliminate it; leftover materials can hamper your efficiency and cause damage to your chutes and hoppers.

Our polyurethane chute liners are the perfect solution to this problem. They have reduced friction indexes for maximum abrasion protection, eliminating material buildup and ensuring that your chutes and hoppers stay in peak condition.

Maximized Material Transfer

Due to the polyurethane’s abrasion resistance, our chute liners offer no hindrance between transfer points. Each liner provides a smooth and protective surface for when material leaves one end of your conveyor’s pulley system.

Streamlined Flow

Polyurethane chute liners aren’t just abrasion-resistant; they are also tolerant to heat, retaining their shape even under high temperatures.

With consistent shape, our liners ensure that no materials build up at any point of your conveyor system. As a result, the flow remains consistent and efficient.

Suppressed Dust

Any industrial process places chutes and equipment at risk of gathering dust. Not many materials provide the same dust suppression that polyurethane does; our liners are guaranteed to keep wear, tear, and dust at bay as you ramp up your production and efficiency.

Applications of Our Chute Liners

Our chute liners will improve your plant’s production process and productivity. We offer custom-made affordable liners, every liner that leaves our production line has broad applications.

Reach out to us for liners that are excellent for the following:

– Protecting chute.
– Improving the safety of your conveyor system.
– Lining chute and hopper for a long time.

We offer more than just liners — we provide them custom-built and ready for whatever application you have in mind.

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