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Round urethane bumpers reinforced with a steel washer to eliminate pull through. Designed to be used with various cap screw sizes as noted in the table below.

Specifically designed with common sizes in mind. See table below for part numbers and sizing.

Sold in Packs of 25 Pieces

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Washer-Reinforced Urethane Bumpers

Enhance your equipment’s durability and impact resistance with Uniflex’s Washer-Reinforced Urethane Bumpers. These bumpers are engineered to provide structural support, preventing anchor bolt pull-through during fastening, and they come in various sizes to meet your specific needs.

Key Features:

Molded-In Metal Washer: Uniflex’s urethane bumpers feature a molded-in metal washer that provides crucial structural support. This washer is securely bonded within the urethane to ensure the anchor bolt remains in place during fastening.

Exceptional Durability: Uniflex’s urethane bumpers are built to withstand the most challenging environments, offering remarkable resistance to chemicals, oils, impacts, and abrasion. They are designed for reliability and extended product life.

Sound Dampening: These urethane bumpers excel not only in durability but also in sound dampening. They efficiently absorb vibrations caused by impacts, contributing to a quieter and more productive workspace.

Customization Options: Uniflex offers customization for different colors, durometers, and sizes. If you have specific requirements, we can work with you to create a custom cast urethane part tailored to your needs. Request a quote on our website, and our experts will assist you through the process. Please see sizing reference table below:

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Need Different Colors, Durometers, or Sizes?

We are able to build any style of urethane bumper or urethane part that you may need. Just request a quote right here on our website and we will work with you to build your custom cast urethane part. You can reference some of our custom molded part here.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Part Number (see table below)



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