Round Urethane Bumpers | 15/16″ DIA. x 7/8″ L | 90A Red Urethane


15/16″ Dia. x 7/8″ Long Urethane Bump Stop

Min. Order of 15 Pieces

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Round Urethane Bumpers (Female Thread)

Our female thread bumpers have a molded-in steel hex insert that comes in various thread styles. This insert is undercut to ensure strong bonding and is capable of handling repeated high impact. These bumpers are designed for use in any industry and hold up excellently against chemicals, oils, impact, and abrasion.  Urethane bumpers also provide very good sound dampening by readily absorbing vibrations caused by impact.


Need different colors, durometers, sizes or threads?

We are able to build any style of urethane bumper or urethane part that you may need. Just request a quote right here on our website and we will work with you to build your custom cast urethane part. You can reference some of our custom molded part here.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in
Thread In



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