Uniflex, Inc. sells only one brand of Expansion Joints – UNAFLEX® – manufactured by Unaflex, LLC, a global leader in the full service manufacture and distribution of expansion joints and hose. Unaflex, LLC produces and inventories more styles and sizes of Expansion Joints than any other company in the world and has become known as the "Problem Solver" when it comes to Expansion Joint applications.

Let Uniflex, Inc. assist you in selecting the right UNAFLEX® brand expansion joint for your application. UNAFLEX® brand Rubber Flue Duct Expansion Joints are designed to handle hot air or gases in industrial duct work, as well as those generated by power plant and pollution control equipment. They are custom constructed of rubber and fabric to absorb thermal movements and vibration in duct work and to aid in the elimination of noises caused by scrubber equipment and mechanical dust collectors. These expansion joints are capable of handling any combination of large movements which might occur in a ducting System due to thermal expansion.

UNAFLEX® brand expansion joints create almost no load on damper and fan interfacing flanges thus providing much needed protection in these critical areas. A wide range of elastomers and fabric substrates is available to provide maximum resistance to corrosion and high temperature capabilities.


Square, rectangular or round expansion joints can be produced in almost any size. Standard construction is "U" shape with a 9 inch flange (other face-to-face dimensions available). Arch shapes also available. Body thickness of this one-piece molded joint is a nominal 5/16 inch. Extra liners are usually not required, but may be ordered if necessary.

Uniflex, Inc. is not a subsidiary or affiliate of Unaflex, LLC. These and other UNAFLEX® brand products are manufactured by Unaflex, LLC.