Uniflex, Inc. sells only one brand of Expansion Joints – UNAFLEX® – manufactured by Unaflex, LLC, a global leader in the full service manufacture and distribution of expansion joints and hose.  Unaflex, LLC produces and inventories more styles and sizes of Expansion Joints than any other company in the world and has become known as the "Problem Solver" when it comes to Expansion Joint applications.

Let Uniflex, Inc. assist you in selecting the right UNAFLEX® brand expansion joint for your application. UNAFLEX® brand Metal Expansion Joints are produced from fully annealed type 321 stainless steel sheet stock rolled into a tube and seam welded. The latest technology in forming the corrugations of our bellows is employed. Other alloys such as Inconel®, Monel®, Titanium, and 316 stainless steel may be provided from our extensive inventory or raw materials.


  • Diesel Engine Exhaust
  • Diesel Generator Exit and Boiler Flue
  • High and Low-Pressure Turbine Piping
  • Main Feed Pump Suction
  • Propeller Shaft Air System
  • Condensate Pump Suction
  • Saturated and Superheated Steam

Uniflex, Inc. is not a subsidiary or affiliate of Unaflex, LLC.  These and other UNAFLEX® brand products are manufactured by Unaflex, LLC